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Start Date:08-05-2018
End Date:  08-06-2018
1 ETH = 10,000 FOREVER COIN (FC)


Forever Has Fallen is a global transmedia game, with an online/offline economy to utilise Forever Coin utility tokens; underpinned by a business model for generating multiple sources of revenues, including FIAT currencies. The strategic use of the total token supply enables funding to complete the game and to provide support for the utility token when the game is launched.
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Market opportunity for Forever Coin

Market opportunities to create a unique global online/offline economy and game community post token sale


Blockchain gamification using transmedia and a blockbuster story. Giving rise to an engaged global online/offline economy; powered by Forever Coin. The business model is designed to encourage global mass adoption to increase the popularity and utilisation of the game currency Forever Coin. Blockchain delivers a new gaming experience and becomes a ledger for player status, achievements and digital goods. Smart Contracts enable rewards for players who contribute, build and recruit for the game, which in turn offers exceptional levels of scalability for creating game experiences and marketing.


Advantages of the Forever Coin token sale The Forever Has Fallen experience uses Forever Coin tokens to create grow and participate in a global community, captivated by a game utilising its own token, with a stake in ensuring the stability and growth of the token.


The advantages include:


The model is easy to understand. A thrilling story, told across multiple platforms (streaming content, web, social, email, SMS) for total player immersion creates a community who buys, earn and use tokens underpinned by blockchain.


Being entertainment/game based, the risks are very low and can be judged quickly by prospective buyers, simply by reviewing the existing materials and marketing strategy.


 Minimal technology risks. There are no complex technologies or large development teams required. The innovation lies in the model.


Protection against aggressive speculation because token buyers will also typically be community members, playing the game, watching the content and growing the community.


 Long-term confidence in token stability and growth is driven by the community, who utilise the token in the game to pay for services, experiences and status.


Forever Has Fallen Sypnosis Summary: Forever Has Fallen is an international thriller, plunging players into a global game of cat and mouse. The plot takes twists and turns, with a rich array of characters who interact directly with players across multiple transmedia platforms.


Long description: You’re hunting for the truth. But who is hunting you? A billion dollar start-up, The Forever Social, a platform generating digital immortality from social media feeds, has been reduced to ashes in under 24 hours. The CIO is butchered and the founder, a technology genius, Karl-Axel Matiasson has disappeared, along with the company’s source code and platform ‘The Forever Engine’. Investors and bankers are left stunned and vengeful; with a loss of $782 million. The company’s accounts, servers and communications are destroyed, sparking an international manhunt for Karl-Axel. Some want justice, others want his head. You enter this firestorm to help Karl-Axel, who claims to be innocent of murder, fraud and the destruction of The Forever Social – but do you trust him? Are you helping to uncover the truth or to cover his tracks? This interactive game is told with transmedia storytelling, giving players an incredible experience with characters through interaction on social media, text messaging, digital platforms and even real events. As you progress, Karl-Axel rewards you with his crypto currency, Forever Coin. In return, he will ask for special favours, research, problem solving and information to help him recover his empire. Fallen?from=KEYWORDS

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