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Start Date:30-05-2018
End Date:  30-06-2018
8,000QUB = 1ETH


One Cube created by 27 blocks. The 4th generation Blockchain, "Cube Chain" connected with Cube and Cube. A Blockchain is a system for collecting data at a fixed time interval to generate data blocks, verifying the data through a hash value encrypted with the block, and storing the recorded data in a distributed server to ensure reliability and stability. However, Blockchain has opened new horizons of technology by implementing a unique data recording method using the encryption method and the P2P method, but it still has a technical limitation. In such a view, a Cube Chain can be a combination of parallel processing and functional blocks to extend the functional elements of the database through the concept of a cube instead of a block. Therefore, the development of Cube Chain will show various online services that require the developed block-chain source technology to issue the encrypted currency and require the public database. In addition, it uses POH (Proof of Hybrid) compensation method to solve the problem of increase of difficulty due to excessive network resource waste and excessive overheating competition of existing POW system, thereby reducing Cube Chain will be a solid step in establishing Cube Chain ecosystem, using a proprietary Cube engine and Cube coin.
Cube Chain
Cube Chain

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Cube Chain, Cube On & Cube Chat

CubeChat is a messenger-based marketplace platform which assists online and offline transactions among users. CubeChat has a revolutionary system which has wallet, ledger, coins and escrow functions, so these make real-time payment.


CubeChat also provides live broadcasting which 5,000 users can join simultaneously. People can introduce their products or services in real time with this service. Cryptocurrency wallet, Ledger and Escrow are provided as well for the transactions.


CubeOn - Social block chain service

CubeON will show you how blockchain technology changes the world and make both companies and individuals get new service profits as participants by supporting voluntary transactions of various P2P participants with the specific business models.


Cube Chain is a 4th generation blockchain upgraded by solving the problem of the data speed and update required for block generation and agreement certification, which are the most significant shortcomings of existing blockchains, with cubing technology. Cube Chain is a new concept of blockchain technology that has high speed, double verification, data statistics and escrow functions.


Cube Chain Service Platform is a new technology paradigm for 'General Purpose Technology' and 'Digital Transformation' that can improve innovation and productivity in various industries. Of course, Cube Chain alone does not mean all this. It should be integrated with multiple digital technology protocols such as AI, Big data, Chat-bot, SNS, and enterprise process innovation, and it must be integrated with the existing system to maximize the business effect. The core of knowledge economy of 4th generation industry is data, machine learning, and algorithms. For operating machine learning, there should be provided tons of data constantly, but for now, these are limited due to the security concerns. With Cube Chain, there will be transparent and secure data sharing environment and the customized services, which will lead to explosive growth of various personalized services and even more predictive algorithms. Cube Chain has a new way of storing and transmitting block information in the form of cubes using a distributed computer network. Cube Chain tracts changes in value over a period. Because block chains are math networks, automated processes and applications can be programmed to run in a Cube Chain. These applications, called smart contracts, performed specific actions when certain conditions met. For examples, you can make a smart contract with Black Jack like if you win a game, you get money and vice versa.



Cubing is a new concept of the original technology that 27 blocks are into a cube. A cube consists of 24 generated blocks which record the ledger of transactions and three special blocks. As these 27 blocks are formed simultaneously with cubing, a created cube makes one more hash value. All ledgers make a cube continually, hash value connects one cube and another one. As a block is connected to another, there is first encryption. When a cube is made, there is second encryption. With this double encryption, Cube Chain can have the most powerful encryption technology. Three special blocks are Indexing block, Statistics block, and Escrow block, they all have distinct functions.


The core technology of cryptocurrency, blockchain approaches very fast into human life. The activation of Cube Chain coincides with the activation of blockchain. Ultimately the activation is the greatest concern as to how much the value of blockchain service and cryptocurrency is converging with the existing business model under the blockchain service.


Blockchain technology is already spreading beyond finance to all industries including insurance, public sector, and media. To utilize the blockchain in all industries, it is necessary to use the blockchain in all industries, such as recording and sharing medical information, promoting research and development to apply blockchain technology to public services, recording land register and transaction information, issuing electronic citizenship. There are various solutions are developing with blockchain technology. In particular, global companies are spurring technology development for the Internet of Things. Cube Chain is highly scalable to various industries, so it does not provide solutions to individual companies' efforts. Instead, it establishes an efficient and systematic collaboration model by establishing partnerships with other industries, institutions and related FinTech and ICT companies.


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