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Start Date:20-03-2018
End Date:  10-04-2018
1 ETH = 100,000 ALT


Alt.Estate Group is a financial technology company offering a new solution for real estate tokenization: the Protocol and the Platform. Alt.Estate Protocol covers the technology, corporate structure and legal compliance aspects of tokenization. The Protocol will be a turnkey solution for anyone who wants to tokenize real estate, from developers to individuals. The Protocol is well-positioned to become the new standard of the industry. Alt.Estate Platform is the marketplace for primary sales and secondary trading of tokenized assets. The Platform allows users to trade real estate in fractions with higher liquidity and lower costs.
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Any Seller Can Tokenize Property With Alt.Estate

Alt.Estate's Vision Is to Promote Blockchain Technology in Real Estate by Creating Clear Economic Incentives for Market Players.


Alt.Estate makes it possible to buy and sell tokenized real estate assets in a trusted, fast and smooth manner with instantaneous transactions and low transaction costs. Any real estate owner can list his property or any fraction of it on the Platform, and anyone can become a buyer as the entry ticket is very low.


Alt.Estate Tokenization Protocol Can Become Industry Standard The Alt.Estate tokenization Protocol is a combination of smart contracts, technologies and legal structures used on the Platform and offered as a turnkey solution to the wide range of players in the real estate market. The Protocol allows developers, brokers, investment companies and other property owners to access new markets and sell their property or raise financing faster and on better terms.


Alt.Estate Real Estate Investment Structure Is Straightforward. Developers, brokers, investment companies, and any other property owners list their properties on the Alt.Estate Platform and/or their own websites for tokenized sale. Property-specific tokens are issued and sold to the buyers. Property-specific tokens are traded in the secondary market in the Alt.Estate Platform or any other exchange, or in peer-to-peer deals. All tokenization, transaction, management and any other fees are payable exclusively with special cryptocurrency ALT tokens.


Alt.Estate Platform lists one floor of the building, promising to sell it within 45 days. As the platform gives access to investors all around the globe and demand for exposure on prime offices in London is high, this tokenized property is easily sold ahead of schedule. REIC not only receives the funds, but now also has a unique price discovery instrument for the building, as tokens are traded on the secondary market, and the current fair price for a square meter is determined by the market. REIC joins the community and integrates the Alt.Estate Protocol as one of the sales channels. Now, company properties are listed both on its own website and on the Platform, which makes the tokenized sales even faster and promotes the Alt.Estate Protocol.


SQM tokens can be bought or sold on the Alt.Estate Platform or any other exchange, or in peer to-peer deals. All transaction costs are built into SQM token smart contracts and are paid exclusively with ALT tokens, irrespective of where SQM tokens are traded.


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