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Start Date:20-03-2018
End Date:  18-06-2018
1 ETH = 14, 375 CxN


SocialCxN platform provides a much greater role to social media Influencers, who can now effectively monetize their social media presence. A good online ecosystem for Influencer Marketing and Digital PR should be inclusive of all 4 pillars of Influencer Marketing including Content Creators, Content Distributors, Digital Consultants and the upcoming segment of ICO Bounty Hunters. CxN Token Holders will be a part of a fast-growing community that would interact with Brands and Influencers of all sizes on topics ranging from Content Creation, Arbitration, and crowd- sourcing activities, etc. SocialCxN is already working with Fortune 500 Companies and expanding into new market segments.
CXN Holding Limited
British virgin islands


Yasir Shirazi

Founder & CEO

Prashanth Mayadam

Senior BlockChain Architect

Zain Khan

Head of Product Management

Kevin Song

Social Media Management

Andre Russo

Community Manager

Dr. Naveed Sherwani


Prof. Serqi Bruno

Marketing Advisor

Hergys Agaraj

Senior Business Advisor

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What is SocialCxN?

Successful History

  • Founded in 2017 in USA
  • MVP Introduced in July 2017 for test clients including Fortune 500 Companies in USA and Emerging Markets
  • Enterprise Product launched in February 2018

Strategy for Adoption We have a long term data drive view for this industry via our platform. We believe that we can streamline a Brand’s Marketing Budgets year-over-year and not just run one-off campaigns for short term gains. We are offering productivity based platform which is ideal for automating activities in this industry and allow mainstream brands to bring influencer marketing in-house to reduce costs. BlockChain Transformation We have identified pain points in this industry that can be resolved with BlockChain ledgers and transform this industry beyond basic influencer marketing. Creating Clear Roles for all Parties We are the only platform that has an existing product catering to all stakeholders including Brands/Digital Agencies/Influencers/Influencer Agents. Our platform can be easily deployed.



Content Creation

Based on their knowledge and experience, an influencer will create personalized content for the brand. With a firm understanding of their social media audience, content can be in the form of videos, articles, reviews, memes and even hashtags!


Content Distribution

Brands love Influencers for the right audience! Content distribution requires Influencers to spread a Brand's content to their audience. This way, a brand can reach millions of new customers, and Influencers can monetize their hard work.


Digital Consulting

Brands love to engage social media experts for short-term training sessions to help with internal digital teams. Influencers can make use of their expertise to work with Fortune 500 brands via webinars, live chats, and in-person workshops to name a few ways.


ICO Bounty Programs

ICO startups heavily rely on bounty programs as part of their marketing and PR strategy. Influencers can help these startups to amplify their campaigns and spread awareness of their ICOs.


CxN Token

At the core of our platform would be multiple constituent elements including payments, ratings, arbitrage decisions, rewards, feedback loop, searchability, Content Tagging, and more.

The platform would be tokenized to record and automate activities which currently require additional and non-productive effort from stakeholders. This productivity based automation would reduce costs for brands and Influencers for communication, pricing, payments, and budget management.

CxN Token will introduce incentive for token holders to participate in interactions with Brands and Influencers for market research, arbitration, and voting etc. The CxN Community would become the go-to-place for brands to conduct targeted primary research.

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