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A decentralized instant messaging application for Android


Start Date:01-03-2018
End Date:  31-05-2018
1 ETH = 42000 BIRDs


Birdchain is a decentralized app that will help people to make a passive income, while offering cheaper and better services to businesses. All the features and the demand for them are based on our work experience, insights, and knowledge. Birdchain will be the first (in the history of the world!) non-governmental initiative to create Global Basic Income.



Ernestas Petkevicius


Aurimas Sabaitis


Audrius Vrubliauskas


Marius Petrauskas


Joao Martins

V.P. of Business Development

Darius Miliauskas

Senior Developer

Jonas Valeisa

Key Account Manager

Arminas Keraitis

Lead Developer

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Birdchain. The app that rewards

Depending on a country and market activity, Birdchain app users should be able to earn up to 150 USD per month. This means Birdchain could create basic passive income for its users globally.


The first version of the application will hold an interface, enabling communication with friends and family, and a possibility to sell unused SMS and an opportunity to amass cryptocurrency from SMS messages. We will start with this feature because it has the highest potential of money earning initially. We have specialized in SMS delivery business for nearly ten years and hold a deep understanding of market specifics and SMS transmission technologies. Also, this will allow users to earn money from the first day.


SMS marketing was considered fast, safe, and reliable. However, as the market grew, it was monopolized and got distorted. Most of the market is shared amongst a few key players.


SMS has an open rate of 99%, and 90% of consumers read the SMS within the first three minutes of receipt. Also, it has flexibility to reach one or many customers, and it is the most convenient communication channel to the end user.


The big difference is Birdchain will allow its users to make a monthly passive income. Simultaneously, Birdchain will provide companies with higher quality and better-priced services: A2P SMS distribution, content engagement, personal data marketplace and others. The main goal of the Birdchain app is to create internal economics, where its users can earn, transfer (to exchanges), or spend their BIRD tokens, without leaving the app. Birdchain will be developed exclusively for Android devices.

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