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The Challenges of Digital Content Management Proof of Ownership of Digital Content Digital content management faces two types of challenges – those faced by users and those faced by rights-holders. Users often misunderstand the usage of digital images online and the corresponding licensing options. On the other hand, rights-holders have few or no methods to prove ownership of original content and derivative work. Also, they often have inadequate tools to track the usage of their copyrighted images and identify violations. Both users and rights-holders are faced with the challenge ofreducing the cost of payments, and these costs are invariably added to price of use-rights. In addition, both groups struggle with facilitating seamless and timely settlement of payments. COPYTRACK - Global Copyright Register COPYTRACK - Existing Business with Extreme Growth In an extremely short time frame, COPYTRACK has grown to become the leading company in the worldwide market of highly automated copyright enforcement. Starting in Berlin and having a presence in New York and Tokyo has allowed us to directly engage with artists and their networks all over the world, and has helped us to quickly increase our customer base. The lack of entry hurdles ensured high conversion at all steps of our processes.


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