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Start Date:01-07-2018
End Date:  01-08-2018
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Chozun is an already established startup and Chinaccelerator (Asia’s leading accelerator) alumni. We have an innovative beta product already generating revenue in market, a solid founding & wider team who have worked together in various iterations for over 6 years and strong product roadmap.Revolutionise the way we travel, connect and explore through a unique community led travel & loyalty ecosystem driven by crypto.
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June Domingo

Full Stack Engineer

Kate Wong

Social Media Manager

Louis Cronin

Blockchain Engineer

Lynn Xue

Asia Business Director

Ryan Blunden

Dev Ops

Teresa Truda


Wil Pringle


Zia Word


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Chozun gives you access to exclusive assets, travel pools, travel challenges, loyalty and rewards, and transactions and purchases.

Chozun matches users to the best personalised local experiences & services powered by proprietary AI & Data Science and driven by crypto. It is frictionless - chozun cuts out the noise, enabling our users to discover & book immediate, high-quality ,local services & experiences matched to their preferences, users can book or reserve directly through the platform. Additionally chozun does not rely on long and subjective reviews, instead creating & curating metascoring and true representations of experiences through transactions using smart technology. chozun focuses heavily on personalization and finding peers who have interests and tastes similar to make information & matches as relevant as possible. chozun uses multiple layers of data including context, environment, behaviors and multiple other data points  to create a complete picture of the ‘match’.  As the ecosystem grows chozun will open this out more for user cohorts publicly called ‘Travel Squads’ to selectively recommend and enjoy experiences with as well as engage and help build the chozun ecosystem and community.


Decentralising loyalty,  chozun is creating a robust business model that incentivises providers and industry leaders with existing customer bases, to join the chozun network and drive traffic to the network. chozun has already built a network of over 3000+ providers who have joined the platform. These providers include everything the traveller will want locally when they are on their travels from dining, private drivers, nightlife, experiences and beyond.  Providers are able to offer their goods and services across the chozun loyalty network, in turn earning CZN.  chozun creates a unique solution for travel markets based on the CZN token - revolutionising the way people book experiences and use loyalty. chozun allows users to exchange their loyalty across the platform for discounts, goods and experiences as well as exchanging loyalty benefits with other users in a secure and trackable way.  For instance you can exchange air miles with other users. We’re allowing the user to take more control of their loyalty while giving providers and brand the opportunity to engage users on every part of their journey - almost gamifying the loyalty process.


Ultimately chozun is becoming a “full-stack” cryptocurrency-enabled travel destination marketplace. We’re able to easily manage and automate a large part of availability between all the markets we operate in with a large database that is updated live with all its availability. The decentralisation of our loyalty allows for scale and the ability to give ownership and loyalty earning ability back to users while creating new ways for brands, providers and companies can engage customer’s loyalty. As chozun continues to build the database of experiences and services globally that covers many interests (i.e sustainable, adventure) and niches (i.e halal, LGBTQ) the opportunity for third parties to utilise and build upon chozun ’s direct booking & information APIs opens up. This will make chozun the foundation for which experience information & direct booking led startups & niche agents is built upon. The power behind chozun is the CZN token.  All activity in the network revolves around CZN, from serving as the primary form for fees and collaterals, serving as the main currency used for purchasing experiences, goods & services, predicting & rewarding loyalty. CZN is the driver of a sustainable economy where demand grows as more users and providers join the ecosystem. chozun- a new travel ecosystem for destination discovery & booking - heavily focused on personalisation , experiences & community. Built upon a decentralized loyalty infrastructure that allows scale, efficiency, new user trust stack as well as exciting new ways to book travel experiences, be rewarded and engage. 


chozun already has a solid user base with no marketing spend. Beyond the ICO we intend to capitalise on our position, foster the community and leverage our unique offering to expand users.  We are already available in English and Chinese with strong interest from the Chinese market and their growing outbound travel and spend. At the moment our customer base is split 60% English speaking and 40% Chinese. We continue to build our partners and providers to reach more of the market . For chozun opportunity for areas of profitability are driven by our regular data analysis of the market as well as specific destinations, running regular destination simulations and taking into account all points of available data to identify where we can add value. The CZN token is part of building that value globally.

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