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Start Date:24-04-2018
End Date:  20-06-2018
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Utrum is a decentralized platform providing reputation-based and quality-curated Crypto reviews, analysis, and market predictions for cryptocurrency investors and newbies. The ecosystem is designed to reward participants in OOT tokens through an advanced implementation of crowd wisdom, AI, and member-elected “Trustees” who represent the best interests of the network.

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Utrum will use Artificial Intelligence to learn from community engagement and ratings.

Utrum will provide an ecosystem that solves the problems by connecting experienced analysts and developers with investors and new comers. Contributors are rewarded Utrum Tokens (called “OOT” tokens) for contributed content, while investors and newbies are able to access the reviews, ratings, market predictions, and in-depth analysis of assets and opportunities based on trustworthiness and profitability factors. Members are rewarded OOT tokens for ratings they provide.


Utrum is building on the philosophy of leveraging crowd wisdom while subjecting collected information to a “trial by Jury.” According to Digital Maoism, the collective opinions based on this “Jury” model are more accurate when it does not define its question, in other words, the effectiveness of an answer can be evaluated using simple results that are numeric or empirical. 


In addition to the Jury model, Utrum will implement a quality control mechanism to filter information individuals rely on. On the Utrum platform, the collective does not create the questions. Instead, the collective simply answers whether the specific reviews, market predictions, and analysis are trustworthy. In this way, the collective engages through votes and rating the information provided. Ratings reflect the overall trust, people place in the information being provided by Contributors. To protect the system from manipulation and improve scoring accuracy, Utrum will use Artificial Intelligence to learn from community engagement and ratings.


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