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Start Date:20-11-2017
End Date:  19-02-2018
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Pindify is the blockchain based online market platform for providers of music, art & media. Pindify aims to become the “Amazon” of music, arts & media. Providers can open their stores (portfolios) on the Pindify market and earn revenues on content and relations. Pindify has already got the attention of major brands, labels and names who are lining up to get onboard. All artists and providers invite their fans, sell content and earn revenue of subscriptions of their fans and followers, to generate even more income than they can earn on YouTube or Spotify. With thousands of musicians and their fans already loving the platform, Pindify is scaling up and going global.
Pindify Sarl


Christoffer Bolinder Wallin


Johan Lindgren

Chief Operation Officer

Mikael Friberg

Chief Marketing Officer

Oskar Gillström

Chief Commercial Officer

Pavlo Shabat

Chief Technical Officer

Sara Öhman

Chief Social Officer

Sebastian Uddén

Chief Investment Officer

Tomas Wallin

Chief Financial Officer

Mathias Mattsson

Chief Design Officer

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Welcome to Pindify. Where artists and fans finally meet!

The Story of Pindify.

We wanted a place where we could share our art with our peers and our fans. We even dreamed of a place where we could actually earn a decent living from our art, a regular income from our 'content'. A place where we could promote, sell and market our own art ourselves and be rewarded, or, maybe even let others market it for us. Through intelligent, mutually beneficial partnerships and through our support networks, both businesses, fans and peers, we wanted a place to unite and, where they get rewarded too!


The day we realized that such a place didn't exist, is the day Pindify was born. We built what we, as artists, wanted. A place to share, and earn from, our art.

But how would this new 'place' be funded? What would it look like? How could it be described?


A marketplace for creatives and the networks that support them. That includes their influencers (such as bloggers, journalists, media outlets (large and small), and their labels, publishers, managers, etc. And of course, their fans and supporters. The 'consumers' of their art. The 'subscribers'.

At Pindify, we realised we needed to connect artists with their networks through an online social network to organize their art, and also, earn from it. This social network platform had to be trustworthy and have our members' best interests in mind. Again, before Pindify, such a place did not exist. It exists now.

Pindify is a trustworthy platform built exclusively for artists to connect and earn directly with the Arts & Media world.

Pindify’s market-platform liberates providers of arts & media to publish, distribute and monetize directly on subscription from existing or new supporters. Providers such as creators, contributors, curators, managers, agents, labels, media houses and publishers can finally have one place where they can gather both social and professional digital content.

Providers can join together or separately earn from both portfolio-revenue and content revenue. All arts & media can then be discovered, organized and consumed by subscribers on the market, home or on portfolios via our web service and mobile applications.

Pindify Experience


Our direct-to-consumer market service will empower relationships, provide revenue and nurture the very premise of what the arts & media are. Blockchain will secure identity, authority, trusted payments, ownership and user rights. Pindify is not just another evolutionary social network, but a revolutionary marketplace for all providers of the arts & media. Pindify’s goal is to ensure all of our Providers earn a good and decent monthly revenue from their Subscribers.



The Pindify product is an innovative Market Network System, combining the best of marketplaces, social networks and portfolios to address the needs of tomorrow’s Providers and Subscribers of arts & media. Benefits include delegation of direct subscriptions, facilitating shared ownership of rights and protections, curating content and payments made and secured.Pindify acquires 9% of all subscription and 40% of total membership fee as revenue.



The blockchain technology gives many possibilities for the registration and distribution of intellectual property, including transactions without intermediaries. The power of attorney combined with the decentralized distribution of digital content, creates a new paradigm shift in the era of digital management culture. The blockchain technology and smart contracts can ensure user verification, registration and certification of copyrights and intellectual property. Payments,and transactions are secured by offering a transparent and innovative online marketplace.


Providers such as creators (musicians/writers/creatives), influencers (radio/magazines) and businesses (labels/publishers) within the arts & media sector, can access and pursue opportunities through Pindify that are outside traditional promotional and distribution channels, available elsewhere today. Pindify incentivises Ambassadors to invite their network of clients, by giving them a portion of the membership fee to invite clients (Providers) and a small percentage from their invited clients’ customers (Subscribers).



Consumers today have far greater varieties of content to choose from, available 24/7, delivered through increasingly more services and devices. Instead of using many different applications and devices, Pindify offers all categories in one ‘full-stack’ environment. More importantly, Providers are incentivised to earn revenue by inviting their existing fans to become Subscribers, with engaging relationships, personalized communities and exclusive material or events. This will allow Pindify’s marketplace to grow organically from within, in addition to external influences and referrals.

Pindex update April 2018

On February 20 2018, Pindify concluded a successful token sale of the Pindex utility token and managed to raise a total of two million dollars by distributing over 40 million PDI tokens and have 20 million token in reserve for future use on the platform.

We have great gratitude for everyone who helped us help artists to make a living from their passion. Scaling up of our company is - thanks to all contributions - now truly going forward with great speed. We now have an amazing organization with effective and decisive teams in production, administration, design, communication, sales, marketing, community, and partnership/relations.

All teams have the same collective drive to make the online world a better place for creatives by delivering a fullstack online marketplace where both creators and supporters will have an ecstatic user experience.

During the coming months, the production and design teams are working on huge set of features, according to a defined roadmap. Let’s see what our designers and engineers will be delivering this year.

May 2018
• Search:
• Filter:
• Insights:
• Location (ranking system):
• Card library:
• Payouts:

July 2018
• Card create list:
• Blockchain (MVP):
• Messaging:
• Settings:
• Internal analytics:

September 2018
• Create trade card:
• Create livestream:
• Notifications:

December 2018
• Bulk Upload:
• API Integrations:

The other teams also have been quite busy pushing us forward in becoming a responsible and recognized market for creators and their supporters. They have their own roadmaps that are closely correlated to the main production roadmap.

The partnership/relation team is now in talks with several great labels, magazines, big artists, aggregators and artist communities. To name just a few of them: Vice Media, Spinnup, Orchid, Rädda Barnen, Warchild, UMG, Sony Music, Warner Music, Merlin and Kobalt.

Our communication team has started the massive work of writing getting-started-manuals, user stories, provider- and ambassador- introductions/incentives, all kinds of user surveys, instructions and FAQs.

In our sales team, we now have general agents and free agents in London, Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Warsaw, Stockholm and Gothenburg actively working with their ambassadors to grow our provider-base and to help them incentivize their fans to become subscribers.

What would we do without our administration team? They are currently working on all legal terms and verification processes. They are also structuring a full-fledged system for exchanges of Pindex and how we best can make our providers receive and exchange their earnings, but also for companies branding our providers to buy and distribute Pindex.

The marketing team is now working actively on our story and our proof-of-concept. They are showing the world that people already are making money on Pindify and that both small and big artists, influencers, management and labels can really make a good profit on Pindify. We are increasingly being approached by magazines and interviewers who want to write about us, but we are very careful to make sure that we use the right channels and that the timing of communication and product development is aligned. Prior to really pushing Pindify externally, our marketing mission is to make sure that just enough support is given to sales to ensure our ambassadors can empower providers to start working with Pindify.

Finally we are establishing our community team, which will engage and support both providers and supporters in our community. Giving energy and support to the community will allow it to grow from within like a grassroot community and also will minimize the churn rate of our members. The community team will also be engaged in Pindify’s next step to become an analog community service franchising café’s hotels and festivals.

This update has been a few weeks overdue, but be assured that our movement is pushing forward towards becoming a responsible market and to furthermore grow the value of Pindex exponentially!


Regarding exchanges: We do not want to pay high level listing fees at this time, because it would mean just throwing away money as there is no volume yet. First we need the platform to be in full swing. So, in order to bring some liquidity to the current token holders, we have applied for several smaller exchanges with low or no listing fees. We have not received definite listing dates from any of these exchanges, so we cannot give you any dates.

Let me finish this update by giving a big hug and a big thank you to everyone that contributed in any way during the Pindex ICO. Keep watching our website and our social channels for future company news from Pindify. Keep calm and creative and till the next Pindex update.

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