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INITIAL BONUS: 20% day 1-3

Start Date:15-03-2018
End Date:  15-04-2018
1 eth = 30,310 NIC


Iconic is an ecosystem for the financing and offering of businesses’ assets through block chain technology. Using the potential of decentralized trust to drive by financing promising businesses, Iconic joins the market while its evolution and popularization occurs exponentially. To successfully enter such an effervescent and competitive market, Iconic's ecosystem is presented as the most complete so far, covering all possible phases of an ICO: the offering of tokens; the trading of successfully offered tokens; and the necessary instruments to guarantee the fulfilment of promises and obligations made in the offers. Iconic presents, through the three environments of its ecosystem, a complete channel for making investments in impacting businesses with safety services and guarantees unheard of in the industry. With this, we call on the community to jointly build an integrated, stable and secure path for decentralized technology to reach its full potential.


Jonathan Doering Darcie


Roger Ilha Moreira


Filipo Mór


Rafael Sebben

Project Manager

Lucas Souza da Rosa

Blockchain Developer

Tatiana Prisco


Luciane Alvim


Samuel Franzen


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Iconic is an environment for financing businesses and projects by offering their electronic assets through blockchain technology (Initial Coin Offerings - ICO). Planned as an ecosystem to drive promising businesses through decentralized trust financing, Iconic enters the environment while a movement of evolution and exponential skipping take place. ASSURANCE An environment providing security tools and services to ensure the reliability of negotiations. ECOSYSTEM Iconic offers an ecosystem with three connected channels that cover all possible phases of an ICO. COIN WITH BALLAST To provide stability and constant growth, the NIC, Iconic's token, will have its value guaranteed through a ballast fund. MARKET A possibility to extend blockchain technology to companies and businesses of all sizes and types. PRE-LAUNCHED ICOs The first two ICOs already agreed by Iconic represent impacting and relevant businesses. ESCROW The guarantee of assurance in the administration of raised resources through the presence of an independent manager.
To successfully enter an effervescent and competitive industry, Iconic's ecosystem presents itself as the most complete on the market, covering all possible phases of an ICO: the offering of electronic assets (tokens); the trading of marketed assets; and the necessary instruments to ensure compliance with promises and obligations made by offerors.
Iconic was born with a very clear mission in mind: the formation of an integral ecosystem for the realization of ICOs, in which the launching and raising of resources for a project, with the subsequent sale in a secondary market, do not represent the end but the beginning of all. By the joining of 3 distinct but interconnected and interacting elements, the Iconic's ecosystem is formed: environment Channel to drive businesses and to approximate investors through the promotion of ICOs. Presented in a simple, easy and interactive structure, the Iconic Environment connects prospective projects with potential stakeholders to participate and follow-up on the offerings. THE COIN The mission of forming a complete environment for the development of ICOs pointed us to the need to create a coin-token to serve all the internal functions of the ecosystem and that could, at the same time, also serve as an instrument for the entire structure of formation and expansion of Iconic to various markets. The NIC, Iconic's own cryptocurrency, was created having that in mind. Because it is fundamental to the Iconic project, the NIC has several uses within its ecosystem. DAO NIC FUND To provide it with strength and solidity, Iconic will support NICs through a fund that will own 35% of the company's net income. By accumulating at each accounting period the equivalent of 35% of its net income in already consolidated cryptocurrencies and Iconic's project tokens, the NIC's ballast will grow permanently, adding value and stability to the currency. In addition to the quantitative increase, whenever the assets of the fund value - whether they are cryptocurrencies or project tokens launched by Iconic - we will face a valuation of the NIC's base, which means its own valuation.
The ICOs offered within the Iconic ecosystem constitute its main product. Therefore, their quality will indicate the company's potential for success. To begin the operation demonstrating the ambition of the business, Iconic will announce the first two ICOs that will be realized in the Environment, both being disruptive businesses with relevant propositions and the potential to provide impacting returns. PRE-ICO SCHEDULE 02/08/2018 - 02/20/2018 BONUS 35% PRICE 1 ETH = 30,310 NIC HARD CAP 500 ETH ICO SCHEDULE 03/01/2018 - 03/31/2018 BONUS DAY 1 - 3 = 20% - DAY 4 - 10 = 10% DAY 11 - 20 = 5% - DAY 21 - 30 = 0 PRICE 1 ETH = 30,310 NIC SOFT CAP AND HARD CAP 2,800 ETH 14,100 ETH PROJECT ICONIC, and ICOs ecosystem built through decentralized assurance TOKEN NIC TOKEN BACKGROUND ERC20 on Ethereum Blockchain TOKEN TOTAL NUMBER 500,000,000 MIN NUMBER SOLD 85,000,000 MAX NUMBER SOLD 425,000,000 % SOLD AT ICO AND PRE 85% TOKEN PRICE AT ICO 1 ETH = 30,310 NIC PAYMENT METHODS ETH SCHEDULE PRE-ICO 02/08/2018 • 02/20/2018 | ICO 03/01/2018 • 03/31/2018 UNSOLD TOKENS Destroyed 72 hours after ICO finish ESCROW Multisigned account with independent and inconspicuous management REPOSITION No TOKEN BALLAST 35% of net profit to the DAO NIC Fund

PROMOTION OF OFFERS- With a new universe of opportunities, approaching users and markets, thanks to the blockchain, Iconic will seek to diversify and approach promising businesses to boost them within the Environment. With bold and daring businesses from diverse industries, Iconic can offer a unique environment for promoting rich offers that bring gains both to companies and investors. VISIBILITY- Due to the ability to unite a universe vastly diverse in profile, the Environment alone creates a favorable channel of exposition for the business that is seeking investments. This creates a unique opportunity for companies looking to enhance their business to build a community of consumers and network of colleagues, connections, and experts, to increase their stability beyond initial funding. EASY AND SECURITY TO INVEST A- channel built with all the information to make the investment accessible to all interested parties. Connected to Iconic Assurance, companies can provide to users the necessary tools to not only ensure security at the time of investment, but for the duration of their relationship with the project. COMMUNICATION AND RELATIONSHIP- The presentation of each project will be divided into two stages: the ongoing ICO and the successful ICO. In each one, there will be the dissemination of all the promotional, technical and safety information about the project, dedicated area for dialogue through the forum and space for publication of the latest updates and relevant information.


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