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Artificial Intelligence

Start Date:03-03-2018
End Date:  30-04-2018


Counterfeit consciousness (AI) happens to be the following enormous thing. AI is about information. Datasets utilized for machine learning are as yet marked by hand, which requires a considerable measure of exertion. This makes a ton of grating: naming quality isn't ensured, and the starting source information isn't secured. Dbrain enables individuals to cooperate in secure, consistent, coordinated procedures for purchasing, planning, and building AI applications, through and through.
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Aleksey Hahunov

Chief Technical Officer

Dima Dewinn

Chief Design Officer

Dmitry Matskevich


Ivan Gorshunov

Chief Marketing Officer

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Dbrain is an open blockchain platform

Dbrain is an open blockchain stage that connections crowdworkers and information researchers empowering them to change crude information into certifiable AI arrangements. Crowdworkers do basic undertakings of information marking and approval, and are paid in a split second in cryptographic money for their work. Information researchers utilize the subsequent datasets to prepare.


Neural Networks (NN) and assemble AI applications. Organizations utilize existing AI arrangements or indicate new ones to serve their specific needs. Dbrain robotizes AI creation what's more, information work process by giving effective apparatuses to all gatherings, including a web application, a Telegram bot, and a versatile application.


Blockchain innovation causes us meet a considerable lot of AI's present difficulties. Utilizing the blockchain, we can unhesitatingly oversee astounding information marking, security concerns, licensed innovation rights, and global micropayments. Utilizing existing business calculation framework enables us to manufacture a moderate, versatile toolbox for creating and sending AI applications.


We utilize blockchain conventions and in-house cryptographic money to influence the AI creation cycle. The SPOCK convention approves information name quality, guaranteeing the most precise datasets conceivable. The PICARD convention guarantees the security of secret information and consequently oversees relations and reasonable income circulation between partners.


Dbraincoin (DBR) is ERC-20 digital money to trade for work, datasets, and AI application use.


Anybody with an associated gadget can join Dbrain and get a part in building Industry 4.0. Our stage associates detonating interest for hand-named AI information with the bounteous supply of worldwide crowdworkers. Specifically, we achieve 2 billion unbanked individuals in low-wage nations, offering them cryptographic money salary in return for information marking and approval. Incorporating this worldwide workforce into its stage, Dbrain gives a safe, bound together framework to supercharge organizations through available, amazing AI items.


At the present time, AI is beyond reach to everything except the wealthiest and most capable activities.


Dbrain makes AI reasonable to more clients. We make AI buildable by additional engineers. We make AI beneficial for more specialists. We democratize AI.


Go along with us to get AI going!




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