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Start Date:18-03-2018
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Sleekplay is a content monetization platform that reinvents the way digital content driven applications are consumed, distributed and monetized. This whitepaper discusses how we utilize the power of blockchain computing to disrupt the multi-billion dollar digital content distribution and monetization market. In essence, Sleekplay is a new cryptocurrency and blockchain powered platform for longsession applications that incentives users with rewards for contributing device computing power and creates a new stream of income for application developers. Long-session applications such as streaming and gaming apps as well as other applications that engage users for hours at a time, are prime beneficiaries of the Sleekplay blockchain platform.
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Introducing Sleekplay

The ubiquity of connected smart devices and their ever increasing capabilities has led to a boom in demand for the consumption of rich media content such as music, videos and games. This has in turn led to the popularity of on-demand streaming providers such as Spotify and Netflix as well as game publishers or developers like EA games and Gameloft. These offer huge varieties of content while adopting traditional monetization models (e.g. ad-based free tiers or paid subscriptions).


These monetization models while successful in the past, have led to poor user experiences and declining revenues for the companies that adopt them meaning that alternatives are needed. The on-demand streaming industry has been hit the hardest with dwindling revenues and practically zero profits [citations]. Reports conclude that on average streaming services lose about $1.5 billion every year 1 . In addition, content creators on these platforms are usually not compensated fairly. This situation requires a functional solution that benefits all actors in the digital content distribution and monetization ecosystem. The Sleekplay platform combines the amount of time a typical user spends on their devices, the computational power of those devices and the power of blockchain computing to deliver a monetization model that’s beneficial to the user, content creator and service providers.

Attractive Revenue Model

The need to monetize content has been present since the advent of the digital era, but compromises has had to be made on service quality and price sensitivity. Sleekplay is in the marketplace to reinvent content monetization with a solution that delivers profitability without compromise and can compete favorably with traditional content monetization models. We do this by leveraging on new technology and a deep understanding of user demands to create a model that meets the aspirations of a forward thinking generation.


The Sleekplay content monetization model gives application developers or service providers the opportunity to earn revenue without compromising on the delivery of a quality user experience. Unlike traditional models that generate revenue but at the expense of users and brand equity, our platform leverages on new technology to provide a dynamic solution that eliminates the need for compromise on quality while also generating adequate revenue for developers or providers to remain profitable.


Sleekplay reinvents the online digital content space by combining device power and goals to generate revenue for developers and incentivize users. Introducing the goal system into the market place, allows us offer a model that is dynamic and robust where both users and developers benefit concurrently. We are able to meet current industry challenges with a feasible solution and envision the way forward for a better way of consuming and monetizing content that remains symbiotic to every player within the digital ecosystem.


This initial coin offering gives us the opportunity both to raise the needed funds for the project and also introduce our model to the world. We are able to generate interest amongst developers and providers to integrate with us and offer their users an opportunity to benefit from Sleekplay. We see blockchain technology as a stable framework for building the future and reshaping the manner in which activities are carried out in our world. Content monetization can also be positively affected and it is our commitment as Sleekplay to see this happen.

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