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Start Date:12-03-2018
End Date:  12-04-2018
10,000 MOC = 1 ETH


Mossland is a mobile game simulated through Augmented Reality programming concept which deals with real estate scattered among different locations. Users playing this game get the opportunity to scout for the real estate properties in their vicinity and identify them. They can successfully acquire them and trade them among their players' circle while playing the Mossland game. This game gives the users full independence in dealing with virtual real estate properties belonging to a vast open land named "Mossland" which can be traded between a pair of registered users through an augmented auction system. Such trades are supposed to get liquefied through the exchange of cryptocurrencies between the said pair of users. To be more specific, such transactions between a pair of Mossland users are done by exchanging "Moss", which is an in-game cryptocurrency synonymous with the "Moss Coin". In this way, through real estate trading via virtual gaming, the users can convert their time and effort to enhance both the quantity and the value of their owned properties. Before using this Mossland game, you need to explore the Augmented Reality (AR) world available on the web. To explore that, you need to understand the Basics of Augmented Reality World Communities. Some additional background information about each of the "Moss" cryptocurrencies will make you uplift in a better position to help you understanding the lingo a bit better. So, let us chat about different virtual communities you can use to potentially leverage your chance of real estate property acquisition while playing the Mossland game. There are various common threads among AR worlds: •Users can deal with purchasing and owning virtual land in this platform. •Cryptocurrency (Moss) can be exchanged for any transaction and typically it needs to be converted as per foreign exchange rules and regulations. •There are numerous e-commerce web applications and web functionalities, hence you are able to buy web products and web services for your business in real time basis. •They are regulated to comply with the various real international laws.
Reality Reflection
South korea


Chester Roh

CSO, Co-Founder

Don Lim

VP of Business Development

John Chang

Investment Advisor

Charles Rim

M&A Advisor

Minuk Kim

CTO, Co-Founder

Sean Oh

COO, Co-Founder

Wooram Son

CEO, Co-Founder

Yongjun Hong

CFO, Co-Founder

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Mossland game terminologies

Below is a list of some of the most frequently used AR world terminologies you should become friendly with while playing Mossland game. These terminologies are: 

Avatars: This term is originally derived from one Sanskrit word and it actually relates to a mental traveller through the roads of Indian fairy tales. In the AR world of Mossland, it is the character or personality you should use to represent yourself for performing all the activities including communicating with other players.
Community: These are one cluster of people or residents who inhabit the land (Mossland) of virtual space.
Cryptocurrency: Most of the virtual worlds have their own form of currency (Moss in the form of Bitcoins or Ethereum), which typically can be converted into USD, GBP, EURO or other forms of real money while doing transactions.
Emotes: These usually express emotions in a virtual world (laughing, crying and smiling).
Grid: This is the technology and platform behind the virtual world creation.
Latency: This denotes the lag of movements in motion. It is measured in a 2-D plane keeping the delay of the actual change of position along Y-axis versus the response time along X-axis. The faster your system bandwidth and your internet connection, the lower the latency you will experience.
Teleport: It is a virtual experience to fly to another location in the virtual space.
Universe: This is the virtual collection of all possible entities and the space they are embedded in for creating a virtual world. So technically speaking, each virtual reality site has its own universe.



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