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Start Date:09-02-2018
End Date:  16-03-2018
1 ETH = 2,500 SMT


SocialMedia.Market's stage will make a worldwide commercial center for Advertisers and Influencer Marketing distributers among each real social arrange, giving advantageous and straightforward apparatuses to association of any gathering included. Used, yet not constrained to SocialMedia.Market, SMT will be transferable outside the stage. Online networking Token holders will have the capacity to work on the outstanding advanced money trades, where potential stage clients will buy SMT to utilize stage administrations.


Dmitry Shyshov

Founder, CEO

Aleksandra Morozova

Co-founder, CMO

Maksym Churkin

Tech Lead

Viktor Perekhod


Yehor Shyshov


Evgeniy Ivashko

Senior Software Engineer

Dima Medvedchuk

Software Engineer

Alexander Grechanyk

Art Director

Blog List


All tasks inside the SocialMedia.Market biological system are executed with its compelling digital money token - Social Media Token (SMT), which guarantees elevated requirements of administrations and anticipates any unapproved human intercession in the procedures inside the framework. The Social Media Token will make a self-propelled economy, in view of consistent participation between influencers, publicists, promoting offices and operators.


The token's esteem will be maintained not just by value-based implies inside the stage's administrations, yet in addition upheld with select highlights for token holders


Holding a specific measure of tokens on their records will allow them access to profound logical information, select bits of knowledge to crowd introduction of bloggers they are eager to participate with, unique promoting designs, content advancement devices for bloggers, channel gathering of people development techniques and crusades, selective publicizing contracts with surely understood brands and advertising discussions.


Investment in the decentralized debate arrangement framework won't just help appropriate promoting efforts execution and concede break even with rights to each client, it will control stage advancement. To take an interest in voting, client must keep up a specific measure of tokens on his adjust consistently, measure of held tokens will affect the weight of a given vote.


Also, token holders may perform devoted showcasing administrations for stage clients what's more, incorporate their administration charge to each executed shrewd contract from crusade they have made. Constantly keeping up a not too bad measure of tokens on adjust will diminish the stage's expense for executing efforts.


With our center group know-how and ability in amusement, showcasing, examination and item advancement, we have a reasonable vision of how to actualize block chain and brilliant contract innovation as an everyday arrangement that will settle advertise needs and help create it, exponentially.



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