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Start Date:07-03-2018
End Date:  30-04-2018


AirPod Sleeping Pod is a private "container style" unit composed to be introduced in broad daylight spaces such as: airplane terminals, lodgings, railroad and transport stations, strip malls furthermore, workplaces. It is a perfect answer for individuals who are looking for a territory to unwind, rest, work, or on the other hand have a great time in security, while still in an open place. AirPod is loaded with forefront advances that empower clients to attempt errands in absolute protection what's more, comfort while yet staying in the core of an open or business space.
Airpod Techologies Limited
United kingdom


Grega Mrgole

CEO & Co- founder



Miha Meolic

COO & Co-founder

Miran Pavlic

Communications Manager

Drago Bilic

Manufacturing Process Supervisor

Andrej Kregar

Product Development Manager

Jure Jakomin

Bounty Manager

Dejan Cerni

Technical Advisor

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AirPod Sleeping Pod

AirPod will include highlights to improve the client experience, for example, Wi-Fi, touch screen, air conditioner, sound diminishment innovation, protection blinds in brilliant glass, inclination lighting and hostile to- - stretch program. With AirPod smooth, ergonomic outline, it could be space into a huge number of environment. Be that as it may, we have settled on the choice to first bring AirPod into significant airplane terminal center points. After months of key investigation, the AirPod group reasoned that airplane terminals are the perfect first setting to present AirPods. To help pioneer this presentation, we are building up an association with one of the biggest organizations in the business to enable us to encourage the conveyance inside the biggest worldwide airplane terminals around the world.

Travelers around the globe can spend a few hours sitting tight for their flight in air terminal terminals. The greater part of them are subjected to delays, expanded exchanges, or long registration times and are constrained to invest their energy in a caught up with, clamouring terminal with little, to no protection.

AirPod offers clients a helpful and moderate approach to augment and make the most of their chance spent in these airplane terminal terminals (and in the long run different areas, for example, travel centre points, shopping regions, and workplaces).

Show options are basic. For private space, there is awkward terminal seats or paying for a Lounge zone. For dozing, there is reserving an adjacent inn. The AirPod group took the time to examine current "protection units" offered in a few airplane terminals, however the outcomes were not amazing.

Current security units are insufficient from numerous points of view and are just gone for those hoping to rest, not work. They are little, dim, and are frequently alluded to as having a craving for "remaining in a casket".

AirPod will give its clients an adjusted, agreeable space that will offer free Wi-Fi, comfort, protection,security and unwinding. Out of the blue explorers will have the chance to peruse their top choice book, watch motion pictures, tune in to the music or simply get that additional piece of rest to enable them to revive what's more, unwind.

The AirPods are outlined with wellbeing, unwinding, and usefulness as a primary concern.

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