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Start Date:04-02-2018
End Date:  19-04-2018


Kora is a popular musical instrument in the Western/Eastern region of Africa frequently played in songs of celebration or to pass a message of hope to its listeners. Kora is a project of hope for billions of people who are underserved by the current financial system and are burdened by expensive and inconvenient access to financial services. They are excluded from better solutions due to high costs, lack of proper identity, poor access to banking locations, and mistrust or poor understanding of the banking system. Furthermore, the learning curve of many existing platforms, and reasons such as lack of access to infrastructure like electricity, expensive access to internet, and insufficient capital to accord a smartphone and a steep learning curve. At Kora, we believe that technology should empower instead of displace existing communities and networks in order to reach the understanding and trust needed for massive adoption. The Kora Network will be built on four layers of infrastructure to provide a low cost, universal access financial services platform accessible via SMS/USSD on feature phones, or with internet access via mobile app, enabled by blockchain technology. This will help communities build self-sustaining, community-owned financial services ecosystems. By drastically reducing the cost and time required to provide financial services, and drawing a diverse set of stakeholders into an interoperable network, it will unlock the Long Tail of the global economy, benefiting populations most in need and enriching the global economy by unlocking the capital, intellect, and creativity of the underserved.
Kora Technologies Limited
United states


Dickson Nsofor

CEO & Co-Founder

Eugene Fine

Blockchain Advisor

Maomao Hu

COO & Co-Founder

Lauren Harrington

Blockchain Researcher

Oleh Ostroverkh

Project Manager

Foluso Ogunlana

Blockchain Developer

Victoria Mygalko

Product Lead

Zahen Khan

Head of Marketing

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Four fundamental functions are built into the Kora Network
  • 1 - Identity

    Users can prove they are who they are and the validity of their activity.

  • 2 - Secure Storage

    Users can protect their funds from being stolen or devalued.

  • 3 - Money Transfer

    Users can transfer money to each other quickly and securely.

  • 4 - Market Places

    Users can easily access venues to exchange money for goods, services, and capital.

An infrastructure for inclusive financial systems.


Low Cost

Supports everyone regardless of level of wealth.


Universal Access

Accessible without internet or a smartphone.


Community Engagement

Empower existing communities instead of disrupting them.

Token Sale Details

The launch of the Kora Network, and the token creation and emission process, will be organized around the Kora Network public blockchain. The goal of our token sale (the Token Sale) is to decentralize ownership of KNT to ensure the crypto-economic stability of our network, and to exchange KNT for capital to execute on our vision of unleashing the world's potential for wealth creation and becoming a leader in financial services [for the unbanked].


 • Contributors supporting the development of the Kora Network can do so by sending Bitcoin or Ether to the designated address. 


• The KNT received by a contributor is fixed at the USD price at which they bought it. The hardcap for the Token Sale is $24 million. 


• Further details about the Token Sale will be released online. Sign up on our website to stay up to date, and to complete the contribution process. 


• The Token Sale will be split into two phases: Pre-Sale and Public Sale.


 • The minimum investment amount for the Pre-Sale is $5000. 


• There is no minimum investment amount for the Public Sale, and the maximum is $1 million per unique identity. 


• Excess contributions will be refunded. 


• Kora Technologies Limited controls the contract, and the multi-sig address to which funds will be sent. 


• KNT will be distributed to Contributors as an ERC20 token after the token sale is completed. KNT-ERC20 tokens can be redeemed for KNT on the Kora Network when the public blockchain is launched in Q3 2018. 


• All unsold tokens will be burnt.

Kora Network Token (KNT)

KNT The native Kora Network token will be referred to as “Kora Network Token” or “KNT” and will be used as the staking unit for selecting block producers, as well as a single medium to pay for costs incurred by the Kora Network. Holding KNT equates to having a partial role in the Kora Network.


When users transact on the Kora Network, they will pay a fee denominated in KNT and set by the validating Block Producer. The Block Producer shares this fee with the holders who voted for them. High transaction fees, which only benefit the block producers and stakers who voted for them, will prevent users from transacting on the Kora Network. 


The less transactions that occur on the blockchain, the less rewards all block producers and stakers will receive. Thus, KNT holders are incentivized to vote in block producers who keep transaction fees low.


The success of the Kora Project will be a milestone in the long running quest to alleviate poverty for billions of people and to let everyone share in the wealth created globally. It will also be a landmark use of blockchain technology for social good to foster prosperity. The success of this project could be the hope of financial freedom, empowerment, and wealth redistribution to the millions in deserted, economically unprofitable regions of the world.


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