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Start Date:18-12-2017
End Date:  31-03-2018
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Bank4You Group is an innovative consortium, acting as solution provider operating in the dynamic mobile payments sector. It aims to integrate crypto currency convergence with the convenience of mobile money solutions. The company has also created its own crypto currency, the ‘MMR’ currency, which underpins its Blockchain system for mobile money transfers. Remittances will be executed via mutual agreements between customers and partners regardless of their respective locations.
Bank4you Group S.C.A.
United kingdom


Justin McCarthy

Chief Marketing Officer

Tariyel Tahirov

VP of Business Development

Shantnu Saxena


Peter Davis


Paul Griffiths


Adam Lane

Managing Director

Andrew Malek

Banking Tech Consultant

Shahnawaz Aziz

Technical Advisor

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Bank for the unbanked people

Bank for the unbanked people


B4You Limited was established in 2013 and headquartered in London, UK. In 2017 this company together with the other group companies formed Bank4YOU Group, an international consortium of fin-tech service companies operating successfully within the electronic mobile payment services arena. B4You Limited is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority to enter into regulated credit agreements as lender.


Bank4YOU Group mission is to enable customers to access easy and convenient mobile services, saving on time and resources.

Products & Services Offered

Bank4YOU Group provides customers with a wide range of pre-paid card options as well as other financial solutions. State of the art ?n-tech products are developed for people with active lifestyles, such as students, tourists, migrant workers, and frequent travellers.

  1. Mobile Bank4YOU (Mobile Money Remittance System)
  2. Bank4YOU Card
  3. Bank4YOU Card Premium

One of the biggest concerns for most people travelling to another country for extended periods is how to obtain access to banking services without the need to be a resident of that country. Bank4You Group makes it really easy for visitors to make in-country as well as cross-border payments, without the need for proof of residency or a local bank account. Its secure money transfer is based on use of state-of-the-art mobile app.


About ICO

Bank4You Group now intends to launch its own ICO in order to accelerate the goal of scaling its service rollout across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Based on current Bitcoin pricing and investments achieved by other similarly sized projects in the same sector, an indicative estimate for the total funding requirement is $10 million. This funding is required to support the company’s expansion into new markets and to develop enhanced services (including consumer micro-loans and the incorporation of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies within its money transfer services). It is expected to drive exponential customer growth, and the company believes it will have a significant positive impact on its market value.

Benefits for tokenholders

The BFY token owner will achieve a dividend income in the form of a certain share of profits earned from the marketing of Bank4You Group's credit products. Independent audit organizations will take control of payments and equitable distribution monitoring of income amounts.

2,5% discount for an exclusive opportunity to exchange BFY tokens to mobile money and mobile network operator's minutes, whatever the rate is.

The fund will be founded with an aim to achieve a return for investors over the medium to long term based on 1% transfers from every transaction in the system of mobile money remittances. Dividends will be accrued quarterly. The amount of payments will vary depending on the investor’s share of BFY-tokens to the general emission and change dynamics in the accounting period. Users will be able to control the correctness of charges according to public blockchain registers.


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