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Start Date:25-03-2018
End Date:  23-04-2018
1 ETH = 3,770 CUZ


This is cool cousin Discovering GOOD TRAVEL INFO IS TOO DIFFICULT Data over-burden and one-sided online substance in the brought together travel advertise, makes it incomprehensible for voyagers to discover pertinent information. Regardless of how hard they attempt to evade questionable online proposals, quite a bit of their valuable get-away time (and dime) is squandered on average places that don't fit their vibe. Cool Cousin is the remedy to this developing disappointment. Utilizing our well disposed application, explorers get on-request city direction that matches their style and needs, specifically from similar local people. Redone INFORMATION AND SERVICES Once they've associated with a Cousin, explorers can straightforwardly contact them for customized city direction. Consistently, a large number of explorers contact our Cousins for guidance on timing their visit, where they should stay, tickets for uncommon events, current occasions, redid schedules and then some.
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Cool Cousin is on its way to becoming a game-changing decentralized travel agency

Self-governing COMMUNITY 

A self-governing Community of patrons who possess their Cool Cousin profiles, screen content quality and adapt their exceptional learning. 



Reasonable redid travel benefits by nearby specialists would now be able to be offered on account of low overhead expenses and exchange charges, furnishing all explorers with efficient administrations that hoist encounters. 




Becoming greater, speedier because of the foundation of a self-overseeing group—the Company can run a lean activity with no overhead, naturally spreading to new domains, and effortlessly onboarding new patrons.



Reliable data is protected by blockchain innovation, which constrains the organization's capacity to settle on business choices that bargain the administration's realness.


Making CUZ accessible

Travel specialists today center principally around extravagance markets and business travel, charging weighty premiums for the customized administration and master data they give. 

In spite of their costly administrations that sometimes fall short for most voyagers, over 33% of twenty to thirty year olds say they will utilize a movement specialist whenever they travel. 

This web sharp age and the quickest developing portion of explorers, will pay an outsider with inbuilt predispositions who knows nothing about them to settle on movement choices for them anything besides spend the hours it takes to discover important intel.


Presently, millenials have a streamlined go-to benefit. Cool Cousin has set up itself as an elective for explorers where they can without much of a stretch access data they require by specifically ,interfacing with local people - otherwise known as Cousins. Since we propelled with a Beta form in July 2016 in excess of 500K voyagers have utilized the administration to investigate more than 65 urban areas worldwide with customized trusted aides and tips got specifically from Cousins.



With two fold digit development in month to month clients and a group of more than 1,000 Cousins, Cool Cousin is prepared to take its next enormous jump. By building a decentralized biological system of local people furthermore, explorers around the globe, fueled by another cryptographic money called CUZ, Cool Cousin is setting up the justification for another movement specialist: our Cousins. 

In this biological community Cool Cousin is conceding explorers simple access to customized time-and-cash sparing administrations and data suited to their taste, while giving local people the chance to utilize their one of a kind learning as a wellspring of salary. As Airbnb empowered individuals with an additional space to be has (not hoteliers) and Uber enabled auto proprietors to be free transport drivers, we furnish city influencers with apparatuses to offer data and benefits and to discover request. 

With a developing client base and a great many day by day communications holding up to be tokenized, Cool Cousin is impeccably situated to end up a place where standard explorers receive digital currency by participating in our flourishing worldwide system that gives unrivaled travel administrations, controlled by the crypto token CUZ.

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