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NEW Our Drop Token is now on Idex exchange

Start Date:10-02-2018
End Date:  07-03-2018
$0.0050 per Drop Token


We invest your money into cryptocurrency through Drop tokens Your money gets converted into Drop Tokens called Drops. Our intelligent systems Dex autonomously invests your Drops into different cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency investing doesn't have to be a struggle. Our system does the hard part for you. Dex system never sleeps, always keeping an eye on the market for you.
Dropil Inc

Drop is a digital token which powers every aspect of the Dex system. It is the currency that the Dropil Dex system uses for investment and storage of your funds.


Zachary Matar


Jeremy McAlpine


Patrick O'Hara

Head of Marketing

Alex Gurevich

Head of Design

Allie Ursini

Database Analyst

Medrick Bell

Logistics & Operations

Lindsey Reames

Design Specialist

Thomas Rost

Risk Management

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Road Map

We are bringing the right people together to transform Dropil into an industry standard for next-generation investment plans.  

  • JANUARY 26, 2018

    Dropil ICO Presale Begins

    The first chance to purchase Drops begins on January 26th, 2018. The minimum to participate in the ICO presale is $5,000.

  • FEBRUARY 7, 2018

    Dropil ICO Begins

    The Dropil ICO begins on February 7th, 2018 and will be open to anyone. The minimum to participate in the ICO is $100.

  • MARCH 7, 2018

    ICO Sale Ends

    The Dropil initial coin offering (ICO) ends on March 7th, 2018. Following the ICO, there will be an audit period of 3 days before tokens are distributed to all users.

  • MARCH 10, 2018

    DROPs Distributed to Users & Investment Platform Launches

    Once the audit period ends, all Drops will be distributed to users that participated in the ICO. We plan to launch the investment platform on the same day that Drops are distributed.


    Integrate DROPs Into Small Public Exchanges

    Integrating DROPs into public exchanges as soon as possible is one of our number one priorties following the ICO. We are in communication with many exchanges and are working towards listing Dropil into as many exchanges as we can.

  • APRIL - MAY, 2018

    Mobile Wallets for Popular Mobile Operating Systems

    We plan to have mobile wallet integration for all major mobile operating sytems (i.e. iOS, Android, Windows) by the end of Q2 2018.

  • APRIL - JUNE, 2018

    High Limit Investment Implementation

    Our team is working hard to bring a high limit investment platform for users that would like to invest higher amounts. Announcements about this program will be made as we develop the program more.


    Integrate DROPs Into Large Public Exchanges

    We are already beginning communication with larger public exchanges in order to offer DROPs on some of the big name exchanges. We want to have as many options as possible for our users when it comes to trading Drops!

  • Q3 2018 AND BEYOND

    Begin Discussions on Retirement Plan Implementation in Common Careers

    Our vision at Dropil is to become the next-gen retirement plan. We hope to begin communicating with all of the correct parties and getting certified to offer very long-term and retirement plans for our user.

Dropil Mission

Offering simple, intuitive, and automated investing for Cryptocurrency. Low friction and reliable, this was the dream. Dropil is the answer.

Solid Team

Dropil pushes for the freedom of our team to perform their jobs with autonomy in a creative work environment.  By doing this it allows us to come up with new ideas, strategies, and innovation for our company.

Built in California

Even though we are a global team our founders are based out of California. We are right in the melting pot of ideas, technology and great minds. This allows us fast access to top talent and resources.

Start using DROP Tokens today

Use your Drops to trade using Dex, it's as simple as selecting your risk level and letting Dex trade based on your input


Get even more value by using Arthur to find the best opportunities to cash out into different currencies


No locks, no contracts, cash out whenever you want


To get started ...


Purchase Drops

You can purchase them through partner exchanges with many different currencies. See our supported exchanges.


Start using our tools

Get started with Dropil's full suite of crypto tools - trade with Dex, arbitrage with Arthur, secure with Droplet, and analyze with Max.


Cash out, hold or reinvest

You are always in control of your Drops. Cash out anytime or select to have your returns auto reinvested (if using Dex).

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