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Start Date:19-05-2018
End Date:  16-06-2018
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Genbby is the new decentralized gaming ecosystem that will redefine fair competition and guide all gamers to a profitable hobby.We differentiate ourselves from other startups that also propose solutions via blockchain, because our product is functional and our ideas have been tested. So far, phase 1 of the process has been completed and the competitive platform is its third version, already in operation. As a team we seek to realize the total operation of the ecosystem and fulfill the need for each player to profit with his hobby at any stage of his career.

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Predictive analysis

Genbby is a decentralized disruptive ecosystem that is focused on competition, learning, training and socializing for the rapid evolution of the player. It differs from other models, because it is autonomous and it’s operated by artificial intelligence engines that are composed of multi-agents with specific roles. They serve as a coach and a personal assistant for each type of platform. Another innovative addition is a payment system with blockchain technology and it’s own cryptocurrency. As well as the option to bet on your skills and earn money with every match you win. This model will activate the gamer’s hobby to be profitable at any stage of their trajectory uncovering a huge economic potential in the industry. 


This overview exposes the current state of the centralized esports ecosystem and its shortcomings. Despite these problems and limitations, the potential of the gaming community is undeniable. Genbby’s proposal is to propel this growth even more with a better system that gives all players the same opportunities to profit and to play in a decentralized ecosystem with fair conditions. Genbby’s goal is to activate a space where this hobby can be profitable for anyone at any stage.


The four pillars of our ecosystem are designed to provide intelligent solutions for the community at the level of competition, learning, training and socialization. Our aim is to transform our favorite pastime into a productive and efficient activity at any stage:


  1. Evolutive Artificial intelligence
  2. Autonomous engines
  3. Decentralized
  4. Scalable infrastructure
Each member of the Genbby ecosystem has access to diverse communities, both virtual and physical. This platform also shows suggestions to the players according to their personality, based on a previous behavioral analysis.
Genbby not only seeks to sell products, but aspirations for all communities. We intend to be an emotional brand that satisfies all of its users.
The one-year goal is to activate 24 million players in the Genbby ecosystem and generate a profit of $873 million per month.
We have proposed a new decentralized esports ecosystem, operated by artificial intelligence engines. Our goal is to be profitable for the majority of the gamers without the dependency of third parties. Genbby addresses the lack of adaptive analysis of the gamer’s gameplay in the current matchmaking model, which generates unbalanced matches; and therefore, prolonged stagnation. The proposed model will motivate the gamer community because it will make their hobby profitable at any level (pros and amateurs alike), activating a hidden and huge potential market in the esports industry.

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