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Start Date:12-03-2018
End Date:  22-05-2018
1 ETH = 1,000 SHK


iShook Content Discoverability Made Possible iShook will give a particular interpersonal organization door amongst creators and their crowds. iShook is for the social peruser who looks for better access channels to their coveted substance. A writer can independently publish for an insignificant settled yearly charge as opposed to an expense for each work, in that capacity, perusers would then be able to expend content straightforwardly from writers, sharing their musings and bits of knowledge straight through the long range informal communication stage containing similar people.


Antoun Toubia


Benjamin Theobald


Beni E Rachmanov

CEO, and founder

Chris Cronin


Toshendra Sharma


Jason Butcher


Michael Yusupov

CFO, and co-founder

Martin Mushkin

Co-Chairman of a Practicing Law Institute

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The exponential recurrence at which recently produced content is on the web is astonishing and fills in as an indication of how perplexing and sensitive the connection between content designers and their group of onlookers is. Consistently, a huge number of bits of substance are both made and devoured crosswise over different systems with constrained measures of interoperability. There's both an absence of an epicenter and availability among stages and groups of onlookers.


Over the long haul and as more people embrace developing advancements, the biological system is relied upon to proceed to extend and encounter a type of dissipating. Distributing content online stipends content makers access to an expansive and disseminated universal group of onlookers. The issue is, by what method can the accomplishment of a substance maker be precisely estimated against the wonderful substance they make while covered among the racket? 


Blockchain innovation has turned into a well known item in the consideration economy because of its capacity to expel a developing imbalance between facilitating administrations and substance suppliers. Keepers and specialists are left battling for themselves while bigger organizations cover them under the commotion and advantage from their backbreaking. As a videographer or an author empties their spirit into their magnum opus, the vessels in which their substance is conveyed are tormented with watchmen that desire to strip them of what they're legitimately owed.

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