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Start Date:16-12-2017
End Date:  08-04-2018
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KEYWORDS.NETWORK leverages blockchain technology in two manners: to implement its KNW token as a source of value, and to store information of value to advertisers, educators, enterprises and other users in a transparent manner that gives confidence to all parties involved. Block- chain technology and the platform facilitate the valuation of knowledge and the exchange of value in view thereof.The platform REWARDS the most knowledgeable players participation based on their Knowledge Scores with the KNW token.


Anas Adhami

Chief Executive Officer

Steven Englander


Marcia Hales

Chief Operations Officer

Christian Gartner

Chief Financial Officer

Gabo Esquivel

Principal Blockchain Architect

Diego Barahona

Senior Blockchain Architect & Developer

Kristopher Adams

Principal Data Architect

Kaloyana Manova

SQL Developer

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About began as a concept for rewarding and celebrating knowledge. Everyone possesses knowledge, and is shaped through their individual life experiences, but opportunities to share, showcase, and receive the benefit of one’s own knowledge can be scarce for most people. introduces a platform to applaud and reward users for sharing their knowledge. proposes a platform that will enable its participants to attain an immediate reward and validation through gamified learning, verification of expertise, and cutting-edge ad tech based technology. is a multifaceted platform with forward thinking crypto technology, creating a user centric approach to information gathering and persona building. proposes a new frontier in knowledge tracking, verification and validation, and through using reward and incentive models detailed below, attains high levels of engagement. believes that all knowledge is valuable, both to the individual possessing it and to the society in which that individual interacts. At the core of the platform is the Knowledge Score. To encapsulate this value,’s Knowledge Scores and associated user personas will track and measure the user’s knowledge on a vast set of topics. The data curated in conjunction with’s Knowledge Scores will tell stories and identify individual brilliance in a way that has never been possible before


KNW tokens are disbursed proportionally as a reward for sharing or generating knowledge. Because directly connects value with knowledge, parties are incentivized to increase and share knowledge openly.All services will be handled through the purchase and use of KNW tokens. This is to ensure token utility, increase token demand and keep the KNW token economy healthy and thriving., with the KNW token, provides a platform to discover and value increments of knowledge. These increments of knowledge are expressed in’s Knowledge Score, which represent a series of levels of user knowledge in relation to an unbound- 41 ed set of topics. Knowledge Scores are developed or shared with the exchange of value facilitated by’s KNW token. KNW tokens are earned or acquired on Knowledge. io and its partner platforms. Consumers use KNW tokens to buy products and services, including on the platform and in a Seller Marketplace associated with the platform.


The platform provides an online Seller Marketplace offering advertiser products and services available in exchange for KNW tokens. Ecommerce stores and their products are linked to advertiser campaigns and content within the platform, creating a full cycle whereby advertisers put tokens into the platform to pay for advertising to users, users receive these tokens for their gameplay and usage, and then users spend these tokens back with the same advertisers in the marketplace. can present in-app advertising and seller marketplace functionality to users from advertisers implementing the KNW token APIs and mobile SDK in conjunction with their software. The seller marketplace is integrated with the Knowledge Match, allowing consumers to pose questions through the interface (or apps integrated with the platform) to receive recommendations based on the user’s own knowledge and knowledge derived therefrom in the Data Management Platform. In order to jumpstart the Marketplace and ensure the non-crypto user can enjoy tokens earned, we have established relationships with merchants that will provide a catalog of 300,000 products.


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