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StealthCrypto™ makes cloud storage, IoT , and communications secure, and faster


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Start Date:18-03-2018
End Date:  08-04-2018


StealthCrypto™ has the experience and the expertise to protect your data using next-generation decentralized blockchain security technology to help defend against emerging challenges in an evolving threat landscape. Our high-performance network encryption for long-term data protection Quantum key generation and quantum key distribution. StealthCrypto is building the world's largest fully decentralized, self-sustainable, wireless mesh telecommunications network and data storage network using blockchain technology. Using this network, StealthCrypto would be competing with centralized legacy telecommunication distribution models to provide the fastest internet access in the world. The public offer of the StealthCrypto cryptocurrency will raise funding for the ongoing development of its network, manufacturing of its routers and support realistic deployment efforts for rapid global growth. To ensure the highest level confidentiality, Stealth Grid has issues a unique authentication crypto token StealthCrypto coin as a unified network currency to simplify and secure blockchain transactions. Another purpose of StealthCrypto coin usage is simple and anonymous money transfers between Stealth Grid users by using an integrated StealthCrypto Pay funds transfer system. StealthCrypto™ makes cloud storage, IoT , and communications secure, and faster with StealthCrypto’s patented StealthCrypto™.
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StealthCrypto ICO

StealthCrypto ICO (Initial Coin Offering) craze has recently taken over the market of crypto-currencies. It is capable of creating, expanding, selling, owning, sharing, building and being the network all at the same time. The threat intelligence for 2018 finds cyber-crime operating on a global industrial scale. New assaults are highly coordinated, resilient and designed with a singular focus to create millions in profit for attackers. Cyber-criminals are no longer relegated to the shadows. They are commandeering high reputational resources, blending into the kind of traffic that no one questions. Staying undetected, they are launching massive global campaigns against hundreds and thousands of users. Brut forcing passwords exploiting vulnerabilities and compromising systems laying the groundwork for an entire spectrum of criminal activity and they are not waiting to get caught. They are highly coordinated. They are monitoring. If they get detected, they will evade reconstituting the infrastructure with lightning speed. These efforts are draining real profits from legitimate businesses. In contrast to the state-of-the-art attacks, defenders are often running aging and fragmented infrastructure, making it difficult to detect, defend and especially contain threats. Organizations are also afraid to take actions for a very real fear of breaking laws, losing money or disrupting their legitimate customers. The unsurprising result is industry confidence is dropping, precisely, when leadership is required. More focus on people, process and technology are needed to combat cyber-attacks and to reach the goal of having an integrated defence. Download the 2018 Annual Security Report from the official site of StealthCrypto to get all the details and find out what can be done to combat cyber threats. StealthCrypto is employing a holistic quantum secure cryptography for data protection as well as blockchain, communications, IoT (Internet of things) and banking - all simultaneously.

The main keyword pertaining to StealthCrypto blockchain is decentralization. Unlike other monolithic resources which have prohibitive barriers to entry controlled by a centralized factor. StealthCrypto is a decentralized global mesh network built by Stealth Grid. This has the potential to unleash the power of wealth in the world of cryptocurrency investment through sharing unused data storage, bandwidth and mine for users' profit. Being able to monetize the free exchange of data storage and bandwidth via a secondary and a tertiary market allows free market forces to drive quantum mesh network growth where it is actually required. Quantum mesh network is a topology where each node is capable of relaying data to other nodes and utilizing an end-to-end security encryption algorithm and a dynamic authentication. StealthCrypto works on a more advanced blockchain topology creating a more complex Hilbert space with hyper-dimensional models and overlay patterns. So the resilience of network is much more strengthened.

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