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Current Bonus: USD 50k and higher: 45% USD 25k to 50k: 40% USD 10k to 25k: 35%

Start Date:04-04-2018
End Date:  21-05-2018
The ETH Equivalent of USD 0.10


Wealth Migrate is a worldwide land venture commercial center that offers financial specialists guide access to select land speculation openings, in chief markets far and wide, from as meager as USD 1000. Wealth Migrate's main goal is to engage individuals by giving access to quality land speculations that were beforehand available just to high total assets people and institutional speculators. Half of the world's riches is held in land, however just 12.9% of the populace have the discretionary cash flow to get to it. Through the Wealth Migrate stage, speculators advantage from the broad experience of the Wealth Migrate official group which has on the whole contributed more than USD 1.4 billion for customers in worldwide land exchanges in the course of the most recent three decades.
Wealth Migrate


Hennie Bezuidenhoudt

Co-Founder and Chairman

Martin Freeman

Board Member

Paul Niederer

Board Member

Dr. Dolf de Roos


Cliff Kayat

South Africa CEO

Ken Hu

China CEO

Scott Picken

Founder & CEO

Gavin Rossouw


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Wealth Migrate into a trusted global real estate marketplace.

Over the next five years, we will continue to grow Wealth Migrate into a trusted global real estate marketplace. This will allow investors to invest internation­ally with safety, in quality opportunities, thus achieving wealth preservation. The target is one million transactions a year, with an average of USD 2000 per transaction and an average (supply and demand side) fee of 5% which equates to a revenue of USD 100 million and minimum valuation of USD 1 billion.


Through Wealth Migrate’s investment platform, investors gain direct access to exclusive real estate investment opportunities in premier markets around the world, from as little as USD 1000 (currently beta-testing minimums as low as USD 100). Investors benefit from the extensive experience of Wealth Migrate’s executive team which, collectively, has facilitated more than USD 1.34 billion for clients in real estate transactions, on five conti­nents, over the last three decades.


Wealth Migrate partners with proven local in-coun­try operators, participates in every deal alongside its investors, ensuring investors’ security and peace of mind are held in the highest regard. By joining Wealth Migrate, members compliantly gain access to details of every investment, can review thorough due diligence reports before investing, and transact and manage their own global real estate portfolio—all online. Through the extensive network, the best global real estate providers can also gain access to global investors.


Wealth Migrate was founded by experienced fintech and international real estate investment profession­als. The Wealth Migrate Platform connects investors through integrated technology that reduces the inef­ficiencies and costs inherent in traditional real estate transactions. This is achieved through automation and economies of scale, which allow for more growth, higher investor returns, safe, simple, secure and economically resilient diversified portfolio building.


Until the advent of blockchain technology, there were many friction costs and middlemen in the traditional real estate purchasing process. The fees were high, trust and transparency were non-existent, and there was no alignment between parties. In October 2016, Wealth Migrate launched the fourth version of their platform, a blockchain-powered platform to collapse these friction costs and increase trust, transparency, and alignment.


Wealth Migrate operates under three core values: trust, transparency, and most importantly, align­ment of interests. The company was founded on the principle that, by leveraging buying power, investors can realize solid returns and have access to a wider array of quality investments than they ever would on their own—while also reducing risk. Just as a bird in a flock can fly 70% farther than a bird flying on its own, Wealth Migrate facilitates the global migration of wealth by harnessing the power of the crowd, adding value to both the individual investor, quality real estate providers, and to society at large.


Through the marriage of technology, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, gamification, and real estate, Wealth Migrate is offering a cryptocurrency token called WealthE™ which provides an exciting range of benefits for token holders to become wealthy using electronic assets, based on real estate.


Through the Wealth token, Wealth Migrate aims to promote a more sustainable and better planet for all.


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