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Start Date:19-03-2018
End Date:  30-04-2018
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We recommend that the potential and requirement for Swapy Network is roused by the meeting of a few surviving elements. These incorporate the worldwide inescapability of under-served populaces where credit is concerned, financing cost variations between nations, asymmetries in information get to furthermore, possession, information uprightness, expenses of adjusting credit request, and favored modalities for leading exchanges. We think about these elements in reference to a few world economies, with specific spotlight on Brazil, a G20 and BRICS nation with one of the most astounding loan fees in the world.
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Swapy Network: A world of efficient credit markets

Swapy Exchange interfaces worldwide financial specialists from nations where the loan fees are lower to credit organizations in nations where the loan fees are considerably higher, giving better comes back to the first and lower cost capital for the last mentioned.


Swapy Financial ID enables people, giving them the privilege to an overall budgetary character that is legitimate anyplace on the planet at whenever.


Swapy Data Market changes client's money related information into esteem for the information proprietors. Presently, people will hold their own information and pick how much tokens they get in return for it, when they need to share, and for whom.



PROJECT SUMMARY - Focus on decentralized lending and financial data; - Local credit providers in emerging nations (high interest rates) can raise money at a lower cost from developed nations (low interest rates) with no intermediaries; - Planning a Second Layer on top of Ethereum using PoS for decentralized data storage and data processing. Providing data and insights with no intermediaries; - It incentivizes people for sharing their data autonomously, with no intermediaries, with high standards of privacy; - The data marketplace is powered by a self-sovereign identity; - Rewards in SWAPY can be used as collateral for loans, reducing the interest rates; - Focus on emerging nations. Powerful model to create opportunity for the unbanked. - Swapy Exchange Alpha (v.0.0.3) web & desktop DApp released

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