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Keywords.Network prides itself as being one of the leading research houses in crypto markets, specializing in Initial Coin Offerings and emerging tokens. Our goal is to bring transparency and confidence to investors that are seeking exposure to blockchain backed assets.

Our services

We Analyse an ICO on five factors white paper, roadmap, team, escrow, ICO conditions

ICO's analysis is thorough and objective, reviewing companies as potential investment objects which helps investors to avoid ICO scams.

We specialize in evaluating companies with a planned ICO

We provide direct exposure to high-growth and liquidity focused ICOs with zero of the ground work.

Our methodology

The methodology we employ when researching new start-ups is a hybrid of analysis which is used across venture capital valuation, private equity valuation and listed equity metrics.
This wholesome approach allows us to evaluate such companies in a unique way, analysing not just product and go-to-market strategy, but a focus on team track record, funding requirements, capital allocation and much more.

A comprehensive analysis of the project that is going to run the ICO for weaknesses that may hurt the chances of successful investment raising.

The rating review allows to convince investors of the openness and commitment of the project founders and their ability to fulfil their obligations.

Publication of the rating review of the project can significantly help the project in attracting users, because it allows them to closer familiarize with the company and the product.


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